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Tom was born in Chicago and raised in Lombard. Tom has a love for numbers. He graduated from Glenbard East High school in 1972 and Eastern Illinois University with a degree in accounting in 1976. Passed the CPA exam in 1983 and received his MBA from DePaul University in 1985 with distinction. Associate Professor at North Central and Elmhurst Colleges teaching statistics, taxes, accounting and information systems until 1990. He is an avid golfer and loves to spend time in Galena Illinois. Tom has 3 children and a grandson. He married Dorothy in 2006 and she has 3 children, a granddaughter and grandson.

He began his business in 1984 with 1 client and his practice has grown to over 700. The business also took up roots in Schaumburg in 1986 and soon added offices in Naperville and St. Charles. From the late 80’s to the early 90’s the Fox Valley area was exploding. By the mid 90’s there was so much business at the St. Charles office he could no longer support the Schaumburg or Naperville offices and they were closed. Virtually all clients from those two offices continued to come to St. Charles. To this date he can very fondly remember the confidence they showed and the special relationship he has built with every client. We do tax returns all over the United States from clients that were once here and moved away but still want their returns done by him.

We do just about any tax return that can be done from:


  • 1040’s
  • Corporate 1120 and 1120’s
  • 1065 to Trust 1041
  • Estate and Gift returns

Tom also supports local businesses and their filing needs from payroll to sales tax. We can also get you started in your business and help you thru the maze of registration including setting up Corporations. We also maintain your corporation with the Secretary of State’s office. This plus our ability to do your write-up work makes us a one-stop location for all of business needs. We are conveniently located at 527 Illinois Ave St. Charles but encourage our clients to call or email us unless the question requires time to research an answer, this helps keep cost down for our clients so there is no charge for this service. We would much rather have a client not be afraid to ask a question then wait too late to find out we could have saved thousands of tax dollars if only we knew sooner. We also publish to all active clients 3 newsletters a year to keep you informed on tax issues that could affect you. When you hire our firm to do your individual or business taxes, you hire a full time, full service CPA to make sure you pay the least tax you are allowed under law and if the IRS does try to get their greasy hands on you thru an audit-we provide complete representation at both audit and appeals.

Come see what a dedicated CPA that is interested in getting to know both you and your business face to face can do for you.

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